2012 John Isaza Article on Social Media, Defensible Destruction and Security Breaches

An article from John Isaza with comments on developments in Social Media, “defensible destruction” as a buzz word, and data security breaches, including what to do about them.

2012 John Isaza Article on the new year in RIM

Another article from John Isaza with comments on nanotechnology, inadvertent privileged communication, and working on the CRM certification.

2011 John Isaza Article on GARP Questions

John Isaza is a California-based attorney and founding partner of the Howett Isaza Law Group, a law firm that specializes in electronic information governance, records management and overall corporate compliance. He may be reached at

2012 The Path to Managed Services in Discovery, KJ Kuchta & Mark Walker,

Presented By KJ Kuchta, CEO and Founder and Mark Walker, Senior Director of Consulting and Client Services, Forensics Consulting Solutions, LLC.