Information Governance Classroom, Live Online, and On Demand Training Opportunities

Are you interested in learning more about Information Governance (IG) or advancing your IG skills?! If you answered yes, you should consider attending this 3-Day Classroom Training offered by Robert Smallwood, the world's leading IG author and trainer.


Day 1: InfoGov Basics, which includes the IGP Prep Crash Course
Days 2-3InfoGov Advanced Concepts & Best Practices

April 4-6, 2017 at the University of San Diego Campus

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$1,795 per person

With 6 published books on InfoGov, and a 7th due out this year, Robert Smallwood is the leading InfoGov author and trainer in the world. You and your colleagues can gain valuable insights with his world class training. His textbook used in the course is also being used to teach graduate students at major universities like Oxford, U of British Columbia, San Jose State, U of Michigan and many others.

There are two options for remote IG training, live online and on demand:

  • Live, Online Training – where your instructor (primarily Robert Smallwood and Robin Woolen, IGP) appears in HD video on the student’s desktop. Includes class white board discussions (students can raise their hand electronically), quizzes, training videos, and sometimes a “field trip” to a relevant webinar or training video. Courses offered are (links are to detailed syllabuses):

    • Electronic Records Mgmt Basics – the next live, online class is Feb 27Mar 1, 3, (M-W-F) 11am-4pm ET; instructors: Smallwood & Woolen; Cost: $697 per person.

    • Electronic Records Mgmt – Advanced - – the next live, online class is March 13, 15, 17 (M-W-F); 11am-4pm ET; instructors: Smallwood & Woolen; Cost: $697 per person.

      IGP Prep ‘Crash Course’ - the next live, online class is March 20, 22, 24 (M-W-F); 11am-2pm ET; instructors: Smallwood & Woolen; Cost: $499 per person.

    • InfoGov for Executives – the next live, online class is April 26  (Weds); 11am-2pm ET; instructor: Smallwood; Cost: $199 includes free copy of the book, IG for Executives ($49 value).

  • On-Demand Training -  the largest library of InfoGov training videos in the world. All InfoGov courses are available as recorded, on demand sessionsElectronic Records Mgmt courses are available too. You get 30 day access which can be extend to 90 days at no cost.