Announcing Publication of The Sedona Conference Commentary on Information Governance, Second EditionĀ 

The Sedona Conference and its Working Group 1 on Electronic Document Retention & Production (WG1) are delighted to announce the publication of The Sedona Conference Commentary on Information Governance, Second Edition. The public comment version of this Second Edition was published in October 2018. The editors carefully considered the comments received during the public comment period and, where appropriate, incorporated them into this final version.

In 2014, The Sedona Conference published its first edition of the Commentary on Information Governance which recommended a top-down, overarching framework guided by the requirements and goals of all stakeholders that enables an organization to make decisions about information for the good of the overall organization and consistent with senior management’s strategic directions. This Second Edition of the Commentary on Information Governance (“Second Edition”) accounts for the changes and advances in technology and law over the past four years; underscores the role of IG as part of and complimentary to the business, rather than something separate that adds overhead; and emphasizes the costs of eDiscovery which should drive organizations to focus on IG on the front end, resulting in eDiscovery that is more efficient, less painful, and which allows the organization to reap additional benefits from a business perspective. Additionally, this Second Edition also incorporates the knowledge and guidance embodied in the new and updated Sedona commentaries since 2014 such as The Sedona Principles, Third Edition and The Sedona Conference Principles and Commentary on Defensible Disposition.

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