About ARMA Arizona

Thank you for visiting the Arizona Chapter of ARMA website. No matter what your profession is, you probably deal with information & records on a daily basis. We hope our website and monthly meetings will help you in your quest to manage your information & records.

Our Chapter consists of experienced professionals dedicated to the promotion of, and education in, Records and Information Management (RIM). Our Chapter has proven to be invaluable to both the novice and seasoned RIM professional by providing educational and networking opportunities since the 1970s. We are always looking for ways to improve the content of information we

History of ARMA International

Originally, “ARMA” was the acronym for the Association of Records Managers and Administrators. Over the past several years, however, we have seen a broadening of the profession as records management has become a recognized and integral part of information management which is key to doing business. To reflect the changing environment and this “expansion” of the profession, about four years ago the association’s Board of Directors decided to discontinue using ARMA as an acronym and adopted “ARMA International” and the tag line “The Association of Information Management Professionals” as a descriptor of the association.

(From: ARMA International Frequently Asked Questions)


The mission of ARMA International is to educate, advocate, and provide resources that enable professionals to manage information as a critical element of organizational operations and governance.



ARMA is recognized as the leading worldwide authority and advocate on managing records and information, and a vital resource for records and information management professionals.


Core Values

  • Put members first in everything we do

  • Make transparent decisions, take transparent actions

  • Maintain an information-sharing ethic and culture

  • Make educational excellence foremost in programming

  • Be vigilant about diversity and inclusiveness




  • Establish information governance standards and best practices

  • Advance the profession

  • Provide value to members