Another opportunity to get involved!

The ARMA Arizona Chapter is a supporter of Home "Fur" Good Animal Rescue and Placement. We will be holding 50/50 raffles through the chapter year to collect money that supports these animals in need.

The staff and volunteers at Home ‘Fur’ Good provide its animals with a clean and comfortable place to sleep, nutritious food to eat, excellent medical care, daily exercise, and an overdose of love and affection. We all work very hard to find each cat and dog a ‘fur’ever home that best meets the animal’s needs, as well as the prospective adopter’s needs.

We hope you’ll consider being a part of the Home ‘Fur’ Good family by becoming a donorvolunteer, or adopter.‚Äč

If you would like to volunteer or have an idea for additional community outreach efforts, please contact an ARMA Board member with your interest or to share your ideas.