Past ARMA Presentations

    Past Presentations

    Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Primer and How It Affects Records 2017-03-16

    Presented by Richard Long, MHA Consulting, Inc. This presentation discusses the important aspects of business continuity and disaster recovery, how records management is impacted, and how it provides value to the business continuity program and processes.

    Information Governance, Data Analytics, and the Records Managers' Role 2017-02-16

    Presented by Linda G. Sharp, Esq., MBA, CLSP. This presentation discusses how Records Managers can ensure that they are not only part of the Information Governance process, but are positioned to drive the initiative.

    Privacy, Security, RIM, and the Board 2017-01-19

    Presented by Andrew Ysasi, MS, CRM, PMP, CIPP, IGP. This presentation discusses why your organization's management and board may (and should) be ready to listen.

    The Care and Feeding of Your Electronic Records 2016-11-17

    Electronic records are needy—they require sustenance, shelter and constant attention. November’s presentation will focus on the best practices for preserving electronic records with attention to com

    You Want Me To Do What With These Records? 2016-10-20

    October's presentation is an overview of how Carrie Giovannone-Jordan attacked the role as Records Officer for a state agency that had retention schedules dating back to 1992 (for programs that no longer exist). As a result of her consultations with Eric

    Investment in ARMA: Big Dividends

    Investment in ARMA: Big Dividends presented by David Fleming, ARMA Pacific Region Coordinator and Vice President and Corporate Records Program Manager for Zions Bancorporation.

    The EDRM's IGRM As It Complements GARP

    The EDRM’s Informance Governance Reference Model as it complements ARMA’s GARP presented by Alexis Guanzon of Riley Carlock & Applewhite-IG.

    The Information Manager's Role in Disaster Recovery Planning

    Know Your Role in Contingency Planning and Disaster Recovery presented by Katherine Jonelis and Monique Hafler.

    eDiscovery and the Information Manager

    eDiscovery and the Information Manager, presented by Kenneth J. Withers, Director of Judicial Education, The Sedona Conference.

    Litigation Readiness – Information Managers Role

    Litigation Readiness – Information Managers Role, presented by Helen Streck, President and Chief Executive Officer of Kaizen InfoSource LLC.

    Social Media

    Social Media presentation provided by Robin Thompson, Forensics Consulting Solutions, LLC.

    State of the Association 2017

    Presentation regarding the state of ARMA International in 2017